In Gaspésie National Park, Canada

I am an amateur landscape photographer based out of Montréal, Canada. When not shooting, I work as a Consultant in Digital Technologies (and try to fit in photography into every business trip). Prior to this, I studied engineering, also in Montréal
Travelling, camping and nature have always been passions of mine, and my interest for photography came after as a way of saving and sharing memories. The first trip I carried around a DSLR camera was to Southeast Asia in 2014, where I struggled with composing images and finding subjects, even when faced with the incredible landscapes of Halong Bay or the mountains of Thailand and Laos. At that time, I was using a Canon SL1 gifted by my father the same year, and I had yet to develop and eye for photography.
Since then, I've increasingly started to plan my vacations with photography in mind, to the point where I now seldom leave the house for a trip without a detailed list of locations I aim to visit for sunrise or sunset.
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